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Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan

The City’s Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan articulates the mission that the City of Minneapolis government takes strategic action to address climate change, dismantle institutional injustice and close disparities in health, housing, public safety and economic opportunities. Equity and safety are two of the seven values of the Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan – shared values with two of the Transportation Action Plan goals. One of the eight goals of the Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan is Built Environment and Transportation, which is defined as the City prioritizing high-quality neighborhoods, streets, infrastructure and equitable access to multimodal transportation in all parts of the city through thoughtful planning and design. The Transportation Action Plan is how the City plans to uphold that goal over the next 10 years.


One of the four operational policies of the Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan is to engage diverse communities. The identified strategic need is to improve the capacity of appointed boards and commissions (ABCs) to advance the City’s racial equity work. Specific for the work outlined in the TAP, a focus on the committees that directly work with Public Works on advancing transportation projects – the Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Bicycle Advisory Committee – is important. Strategies and actions to address increasing engagement to advance racial equity work are outlined in the Progress section of the TAP.

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