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Making and monitoring progress on the action plan

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Making progress

The Progress section has a series of strategies and actions to define a more intentional approach toward racial equity and justice in the plan. Additionally, an implementation framework outlines the ways we will measure progress made on the actions articulated throughout the plan.

Progress Strategies and Actions

Three strategies and associated actions in the Progress section outline the ways in which the transportation work of the City will evolve over the next 10 years from a systems-level approach. The strategies cover developing a racial equity framework, using engagement to build trust in the community and achieve better outcomes, and evaluating our projects to ensure we are meeting the goals outlined in this plan and serving the public. These strategies also acknowledge the moment we are in as individuals, as a city, and as a nation as we grapple with the compounding impacts of both COVID-19 and the pursuit of racial justice. By including these three strategies in the Transportation Action Plan, we hope to use transportation as way to bring opportunity, help repair, and create a stronger Minneapolis over the next decade.

Implementation Framework

The strategies and actions are followed by an implementation framework that will be used to measure and report on progress over the life of the plan.

Strategies and actions

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Reaching our transportation goals requires strategic action. Listed below are strategies and actions that we plan to undertake in the next 10 years.