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Strategy 1 Update the City’s Complete Streets Policy.

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The actions within this strategy are divided into two categories:

Action we will DOActions we will SUPPORT

Action we will do are followed by “DO” and are colored in dark gray, and actions we will support are followed by “SUPPORT” and are colored in light gray.

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The City adopted a Complete Streets Policy in 2016 that has successfully driven the design and operations of numerous streets in the city since its passage. Given the pace of change on our streets, we recognize the need to update the policy to incorporate more fully the complex and often competing needs within the right of way.

  • Complete streets hierarchy

    Complete streets hierarchy


Actions to update the City’s Complete Streets Policy.

Street Operations 1.1

Incorporate freight, micromobility and green infrastructure into the City’s existing Complete Streets Policy.

Supported goals:

Climate Safety Equity Prosperity Mobility Active Partnerships

Related actions:

Freight 2.1, Design 4.1, Design 4.2, Design 4.3, Design 4.4




2020-2023 (Years 0-3)